About US

Our Company

Our spirit to succeed is driven by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, and that can make the difference between success and failure in a highly competitive sector where only excellence survives.
The objective was never to be just another large headhunter – that’s too easy; rather it was to unequivocally be the best. In our quest to provide the best professional recruitment services in UK  Omega  made it a mission to help their clients build success, not simply fill empty chairs. More than a conduit between employee and employer, we’re facilitators and communicators working to establish long-term relationships between great companies and great staff. And we’ve been able to do that because of our great staff.
 But our hard work has meant success, and that has allowed us to be one UK,s fast growing company having offices in Manchester and London. We are also recruiting for African businesses in the oil and gas sector, manufacturing, communication, Hospitals, Information Technology and the banking sectors making a difference each and every day, with each and every client.
We constantly strive to improve our methods and processes, ensuring we deliver an exceptional recruitment service to our clients and an outstanding candidate journey. But our role doesn’t simply end when a client selects who to hire. We’re an extension to a companies resourcing team, ambassadors of their employer brand and advisors to the hiring and job searching community.

Our Team

We build careers, and the raw materials we’ve built our success from are professionalism, determination, equality and, as you might expect from one of UK’s premiere recruiters, incredible talent. As recruiters we’re in the enviable position of having considerable resources at our disposal, resources that have allowed us staff our offices with the top talent in the field. We’re proof of our own success and abilities.
We serve an impressive range of sectors, and we’re committed to ensuring that each receives exceptional levels of expertise, experience, knowledge and an unquestionable quality of service. No world-class recruiter can afford to be without even one of these attributes, they’re the fuel that powers us and in turn the corporations we serve.
Our staff is diligent, knowledgeable and have gained their considerable experience from education, work and affiliations with the sector they’ve chosen to specialize in. They form the backbone of Omega, and they’re as devoted to their clients as they are to making us proud, and they do.
Your needs are our primary concern. Seeing that your staffing needs are fully met, and that the services you receive are beyond reproach and indeed worthy of high praise is what keeps us up late. Each of Omega’ clients is assigned an account manager, and they’re the staffing sentinel you’ll come to count on, and appreciate. They’re in constant contact with those who matter within their area of expertise, they’ve established lasting relationships with universities, professional associations, and make a point of keeping up with industry trends. It’s the only way to be a recruiter, and it’s how we’re able to offer such thorough, personalized and professional services since inception.
Our recruitment professionals understand the employment market to a degree that often amazes our clients. And while we think that should be a given, our clients are also surprised and impressed by their initiative. Countless headhunters get by simply by subscribing to job posting services, visiting employment websites, and when all else fails, resorting to the same tired list of usual contacts that invariably supply good enough candidates for their clients. At Omega our professionals loathe the mere mention of good enough. That’s where initiative plays a decisive role – our recruiters are in the field, reaching out and taking the steps and making the effort needed to attract, connect and convince the right candidate to consider our client’s offer.
Working with Omega means working with a team of specialists. We don’t cut corners, we don’t compromise on excellence, and we’ve made sure that those working for us are as expert and accomplished and those we’ll find for you.